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 Isn't it time to put your Dream into action?

It can be so frustrating when you have to set goals after goals without reaching it, or you have a longing for something more and the desire to make a difference without a clue on how. You are left, feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied and stuck. this was exactly the place I was recently.

Hello my name is Abigail, I’m an Empowerment Specialist. I’m certified with the John Maxwell Team as a Coach, Speaker, Trainer and a Behavioral Analysis Consultant specializing in Mentoring, Speaking and Training.  I work with wonderful people like you to develop themselves, discover, utilize and monetize their true gifts and potential so they can experience a thriving life on their own terms.

I’m a mom to a handsome teenager who thinks he knows it all 🙂 and a co guardian to my adorable nephew who happens to be a special need.

I’ve had challenges including having to send my son home to Africa on two occasions when he was a year old and when he was 3 yrs., because I couldn’t afford childcare, I’ve experience loss of loved ones and have lost all my savings and gotten into debt through a business venture that didn’t go well. These experiences led me to do some soul searching and to the discovering of my true calling of serving which is to inspire and empower others to live a fulfilled life by being all that they were created to be. I’ve always been passionate about helping others in various ways including listening, encouraging, giving and sometimes giving rides to random strangers looking for a  ride,( yea , I’m that crazy, but I do it cautiously though, by going with my instincts 🙂 Enough about me,

Let me ask you these questions? If you have a few days left on this earth, will you have any regrets of things you wish you have done? Will you be going with unfulfilled dreams? Will you still have untapped Potential? If you have a business, could your team use an extra boost to their performance?

Deep down I think you already know you need to make a change. Now stop putting it off and let’s do this.

Let’s work together to up level your life and your business.

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Achieving Your Goals and Becoming Successful in Life Start With You Becoming Better.

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